Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Outdoor activities for parents and their children

An outdoor activity is something that everyone needs and should do. Watching to much TV or just sitting inside is boring, unhealthy and has no reward. Many people go outside and walk or jog, but that too is pretty boring and unrewarding. So what can you do outdoors that is both fun and healthy?

Many adults and young adults have forgotten that the best way to exercise outdoors is to play like they did when they were a kid. But how does an adult play outside? The best way is to start a radio control hobby. RC hobbies like airplanes, boats, cars, and helicopters are both fun and very rewarding. Imagine building and then flying your own creation, or ripping across the waves in your own little gas powered boat.

An RC hobby can also give you something fun to do with your kids, who don’t exactly always want to hang out with their parents. But trust me; if you are flying a radio controlled jet then they will come running. You will also have something to pass onto your children, like an airplane that both of you built together, or a boat that you and your child have enjoyed many times together.

By far the best RC vehicle that can be purchased is of course an R/C airplane or helicopter. If an airplane is what you are going to go for, then I recommend an Almost Ready to Fly plane or a kit. This will allow you and your kid(s) to put it together with you, giving you something extra to do with them and give them some knowledge of building something. Then after you build it you can fly it with them, which makes the flight twice as rewarding.

Another RC flying toy that is fun would be a remote control helicopter. Radio controlled helicopters are unique because they hover and allow more control from the pilot. They are also harder to master, so for the people who are looking for a quick thrill you might not like it, but other’s who have a dedication to it will love it. RC helicopters also offer a neat experience at night since they can hover and can be equipped with lights.

If you want to experience the thrill of a speed boat on the water, but don’t have the money to afford a real one, then a radio controlled boat is perfect. With R/C boat engines available in electric or gas powered, a beginner or an expert could operate and maintain a RC boat. This is ideal since you might not always be around but your children want to go outside and have fun with it. A remote control boat is really the easiest, but most rewarding, of all radio control hobbies.

The most popular R/C toy in the world is of course the remote control car or truck. RC cars can be operated by virtually anyone at any age, are easy to maintain and operate and are very inexpensive to own. If you do plan on getting a R/C car or truck, then I recommend an electric powered one to begin with, then gradually progress towards a nitro powered engine. Just to let you know, nitro fuel cars are hard to maintain and require some experience and knowledge prior to operating.

My favorite outdoor activity out of all of them are model rockets. Model rockets are of course not remote controlled (I guess they could be) but none the less they are very fun and should be considered. I love model rockets, and the reason is because they are very realistic and not expensive. The engines that blast them off really shoot out burst of flames and leave a smoke trail behind the rocket, and the rocket’s cost around only $20. Very cheap for such a realistic thrill and they are pretty safe to operate.

Michael Cottier has enjoyed outdoor RC hobbies since he was a child and can help you get started in many remote control hobbies with his website. Just go to: http://www.rc-model-airplanes.com/


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