Monday, May 15, 2006

Hobby Zone Aerobird Challenger - Ready to Fly Aerobatic

The Hobby Zone Aerobird Challenger was created for the express purpose of giving experienced HobbyZone pilots, or any one who flies R/C, a ready-to-fly experience unlike any other. It's powerful motor, proportional 3-channel control system and big, highly effective control surfaces will have you flying circles around most any ready-to-fly right out of the box. Loops, stall turns, whip stalls - the Aerobird Challenger can do it all.

As with all HobbyZone airplanes, the Aerobird Challenger can be assembled and flying in under 15 minutes. Everything needed to get flying is in one box, including a 3-channel transmitter, rechargeable battery pack, variable rate DC peak detection charger with an auto-plug adapter and an easy-to-follow manual and instruction video CD. HobbyZone even includes the 8 "AA" batteries needed for the transmitter. There is literally nothing else to buy.

The Aerobird Challenger’s Multi-Mode flight control software gives you two ways to fly. You can get the feel for the Aerobird Challenger using smooth, stable Sport Mode that combines HobbyZone’s Flight Trak control system with the added function of pitch. Once you’ve mastered Sport Mode, you can unlock Pro Mode for extreme V-tail maneuverability that’s perfect for aerobatics or aerial combat.

The Sonic Combat Module (sold separately) emits a sonic "blast" with an effective range of up to 80 feet. To score a hit, get within 80 feet of another SCM equipped HobbyZone plane, lock onto their tail, and fire. When hit, the victim's Sonic Combat Module will emit a high-pitched tone and disable their motor for 10 seconds. During this time they will still have directional control so they can maneuver into position for a counter attack or make a safe landing.

It ’s powerful motor,proportional 3-channel control system and Challenge friends to target practice or see who can get the longest parachute hang time with the Aerial Drop Module. The ADM (sold separately) uses an innovative electro-magnetic release mechanism that lets X-Port-equipped HobbyZone airplanes drop a streamer bomb or parachute, both of which are included


* Fully proportional single stick controller with slide throttle and X-Port activation button
* Rechargable battery pack
* DC Peak Detect Charger
* "Flying the Aerobird Challenger" video CD
* Specially designed one-piece wing
* Added X-Port allows accessories like the Aerial Drop Module and the Sonic Combat Module
* X-Pack tail with larger controls is standard
* Powerful 380 Motor for outstanding aerobatic and climb performance


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